Work Permits

Children aged 14 through 17 are able to obtain an Employment Permit, or Work Permit, through the Central Office. A separate Work Permit is needed for each place of employment until the individual turns 18 years old.

  1. Student Work Permit Applications will be available online at - instructions and important information are included - be sure to read carefully.

  2. You must complete the following to be turned in:

    • Promise of Employment (this is filled out by the employer)

    • Physician’s Certificate of Health (this is filled out by the student’s physician for children aged 14-15, children 16-17 years old can skip this step)

    • Parent/Guardian name and signature

    • Minor Signature (person applying for the work permit must sign)

    • A copy of the minor’s birth certificate

  3. Bring the completed paperwork to the Central Office and we will issue your Work Permit