Work Permits

In light of the current COVID19 situation, we have established a process in which those children aged 14 through 17 are able to obtain an Employment Permit, or Work Permit.

To ensure that all social distancing guidelines are being followed, the following is the process:

  1. Students Work Permit Applications will be available online at - instructions and important information are included - be sure to read carefully.
  2. You must complete the following to be turned in:
    1. Promise of Employment - this is filled out by the employer
    2. Physician’s Certificate of Health - this is filled out by the student’s physician for children aged 14 and 15 (16 and 17 year olds can skip this step)
    3. Parent/Guardian name and signature
    4. Minor Signature - person applying for the work permit must sign
    5. A copy of the minor’s birth certificate
  3. Once all paperwork is complete, please call the Central Office at (978) 939-5661 to schedule a drive up appointment to complete the process.

Drive-Up Appointments

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the safety of all, drive-up appointments will NOT require you to leave your vehicle. Masks will be needed to be worn by all parties involved.

Once you have scheduled your drive-up appointment with Central Office, it will go as follows:

  1. You will drive into the rear parking lot (behind the middle school, near the baseball field) and call us from your parking spot. (978-939-5661)
  2. A person will come out to your car to collect the above papers, and fill out the work permit form*

*It is important that the minor is present for this process - to answer questions, and sign off on the permit.

3. Once the form is completed and signed, we will take it back inside to make copies and return the original documents to you.