Stadium Blanket

Get em' while they're hot! New stadium blankets! 5'3"x 5'3" perfect for keeping you warm this winter and will make a great gift! They are on sale at the HS office or by contacting Please email to pick up at the high school office. $60.00 each, Limited supply ordered.


Narragansett Warriors Spring Sports Registrations are closed. Thank you for registering your athletes!

MS Baseball and Softball tryouts begin today (Monday 3/25)!

MS Baseball will be in the MS gym from 3:00-4:30

MS Softball will be in the MS gym from 4:30-6:00

(MS softball players should head home after school and return for tryouts. They are not allowed to stay at school and wait around)

please contact your coaches with any questions/concerns

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Brad Bond - Athletic Director