About Us

School District Mission

“The NRSD is committed to providing a physically and emotionally safe learning environment that promotes academic success, responsible relationships, and civic engagement.”

In today's society our children are continuously excited by new and challenging stimuli; adaptability to change therefore becomes a paramount objective of learning.

The mastery of basic skills is essential to our children as they prepare to function as responsible individuals. Children must also know how to direct their own learning by mastering the skills of independent inquiry, because circumstances do not enable us to predict with certainty just what today's children will need to know when they become tomorrow's adults. The optimum environment should be sought so that all children can develop physically and emotionally and acquire the information, academic skills, critical judgment, and creativity needed to lead to a better understanding of themselves, each other, and the world around them.

The school system must continually strive to create, implement, and improve programs that are compatible with appropriate curricula and provide opportunities for innovation in teaching and learning. If this is accomplished, children will then come to realize more fully their own potential as individuals and be better prepared to appreciate and act responsibly in the society in which they live.