Curriculum Maps

These curriculum maps will be periodically updated and linked below.


Curricular Resources

The resources we use for various content areas are listed below. Click on underlined words for more information.

English Language Arts

K-5 use HMH Into Reading

6-7 use HMH Into Literature

8-12 use various resources and novels


K-4 use Eureka Math

5-HS use MH Reveal Math

History and Social science

K-5 use various resources

5 uses MH Impact Social Studies

6-7 use MH World Geography & Ancient Civilizations

8 uses MH US and MA Government and Civic Life

HS uses various resources


K-3 use various resources and PLTW Launch

4-5 use Interactive Science and PLTW Launch

6-8 use Interactive Science and PLTW Gateway

HS uses various resources and PLTW Engineering, PLTW Computer Science, PLTW Biomedical Science