NRHS Vocational Horticulture Program


The Horticulture Program at Narragansett Regional High School is designed to prepare students with the 21st century skills needed to succeed in life. The program is based on the Massachusetts Horticulture-Vocational Technical Education Frameworks. It is hands-on based and will guide students through safety procedures, technical knowledge and skills, business practices, and technologies used in all aspects of the Horticulture industry. Students are exposed to the many career choices available in today’s industry, including but not limited to: Forest Ranger, Florist, Landscape Designer, Greenhouse Manager, Turf Specialist, Extension Agent, Arboriculture Specialist, Forestry Specialist, and Environmental Scientist, to name a few.

Students participate in the Envirothon Competition: a nationwide program involving high school students in real world problems. Last year's theme was “Sustainable Agriculture,” and this years theme is “Climate Crisis”. Students engage in workshops sponsored by businesses and foundations run by volunteers to heighten their knowledge of the world around them. Subjects include Forestry, Soils, Water, and Wildlife and the ways in which they are all a vital piece of the balance in nature. Students will also become involved with organizations such as FFA “Future Farmers of America” which sponsors booths at New England Grows and the Boston Flower show.

Students participate in community service projects

The Horticulture Program utilizes a comprehensive program of studies such as: Plant Science, Entomology, Soil Science, Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscaping, and Greenhouse Management. Students will leave this program with an OSHA Safety Certification, and the ability to obtain a Pesticide License should they so choose. Students will also gain valuable hands-on skills from lab work performed in a state of the art greenhouse and on gardens they create around our school's community. Seniors and chosen juniors will participate in an internship/work study program at various local businesses or onsite locations allowing them to experience real-world expectations that will enhance their learning.

Vocational Horticulture Program

Four Year Plan

Units of Study: Year I

1.   Fundamentals of health and safety

2.   Botany

3.   Plant health care and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

4.   Floral design

5.   Gardening and greenhouse basics

6.   Animals and wildlife and their relationship to horticulture

Units of study: Year III

1.   Advanced use of industry equipment

2.   Advanced greenhouse management

3.   Advanced landscape practices

4.   Advanced turf management

5.   Introduction to arboriculture

6.   Internship/work study

Units of study: Year II

1.   Select and use tools properly

2.   Introduction to safe practices of basic industry equipment

3.   Introduction to greenhouse management

4.   Introduction to landscape practices

5.   Introduction to turf management

6.     Introduction to landscape design

Units of study: Year IV

1.   Advanced arboriculture

2.   OSHA safety

3.   Pesticide certification

4.   Employability and career readiness

5.   Management and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills

6.   Internship/work study

Health and Safety Plan
All students are responsible for following general safety practices during the school day, whether they are in shop or in the classroom. State law requires that all students working in shop or labs wear approved occupational safety glasses. Safety glasses will be issued to students in grade 9 upon entrance into the program. If a student loses the safety glasses issued to them they must be replaced at cost to the student. If a student wears prescription glasses, a signed statement from his/her eye doctor confirming the occupational safety of the student’s glasses is required. Goggles must be worn by students who wear other than approved safety lenses. This should be on file with the school nurse. The personal safety and health of everyone at Narragansett is of primary importance. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over any operation whenever necessary. To the greatest degree possible, the administration will provide all mechanical and physical facilities required for personal safety and health in keeping with the highest standards.


· OSHA-40 hour Hazworker

· OSHA-10 hour General Industry Safety

· NOFA Organic Farmer Certificate

· Pesticide Applicators CORE License (18 yrs. Old)


¨ Arborist/Tree Worker

¨ Conservation Technician

¨ Equipment Operator

¨ Florist/Floral Designer

¨ Golf Course/Turf Manager

¨ Greenhouse/Nursery Manager

¨ Parks and Recreation Specialist

¨ Horticulturist

¨ Organic Farmer

¨ Nursery Technician

¨ Landscape Designer 


¨ $20,000 to unlimited

*Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010


¨ Mount Wachusett Community College


¨ Agway of Gardner

¨ JDH Landscape

¨ The Red Apple Farm

¨ Vegetation Control Services, Inc.

¨ Graves, Inc.

¨ Maki Building Supply

¨ Belletetes Building Supply

¨ The Home Depot

¨ Lowes